Friday, October 16, 2009

What do Cuisinart and Karen Kingsbury have in Common?

When I get the chance to cook, I really enjoy using great gadgets, applicances and tools. There's something about all of that that just makes it more fun! I have to say that one of my FAVORITE kitchen gadgets is my mini-Cuisinart. I whip that little baby out when I want to chop onions, chives, tomatoes, or anything of that nature. In a jiffy, I'm done.

While I'm waiting for my cake or cookies to bake, I can always be found with a Karen Kingsbury book in my hands. I can get lost in her fabulous books and I feel as though I know each character.
Learn more about my favorite author....

Christmas is on the horizon and weddings are in I have Cuisinart on the brain. I just redid my store so you can browse through the "Cuisinart aisle"! Click on my link to the left and have a great time! After you finish browsing there, please check out the Karen Kingsbury book section in my other store. You'll be GLAD you did!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You Swine!

I just read that 21,000 college students are sick with swine flu! Well, our family definitely contributed to the statistics.

We were visiting our daughter two weekends ago. She had gotten up really early to attend some fraternity events. It was the boys' Pledge Day. She met up with us at lunch and just kept telling us how tired she was. We all went our separate ways and we met up with her again at a fraternity tailgate just before the game. She was having fun and seemed great.

My husband and I had amazing seats on the upper deck. Unfortunately, we had to walk up about ten sets of ramps. By the time we got to the top, I was huffing and puffing. We found our seats and within minutes we were smack dab in the middle of A Bug's Life. Huge ones were dive bombing everyone. Medium ones were flying down my shirt. Crickets were flinging themselves at people. Tiny, buzzing ones flew in my ears. We had a screamer a few rows behind us, as the bugs were pelting her. Definitely annoying and yet highly entertaining. By the 3rd quarter of the game, I told my husband that if one more bug touched my body anywhere, I was done. I got up to start the treck down the ramps after some huge bug landed on my head.

We were at the bottom of the ramps, when I heard my cell phone ring. It was my our daugter, telling me through tears that she felt horrible. (She had texted me just before halftime to tell me she and her friends were leaving. She commented that it hurt to stand so long. I texted back, Oh, good grief! I was thinking what a lightweight she was.) She asked me to come to her house as soon as I could. She said that her legs hurt really bad and she had a terrible headache. I told her it sounded like the flu and to take some Motrin, get a cool drink, put a cool cloth on her head and get in bed. When the game was over and our friends met up with us, we walked to the car and they dropped me off. I walked in to find her laying on top of her comforter, not having done anything I had suggested. She said she just couldn't move. There were no clinics open that night so we had to wait until the next morning. We took her to the doctor who immediately said she had H1N1 (swine flu). They swabbed her throat and said that a study was being done and they would have the results in a week. No Tamiflu was given. He wrote a prescription for Naproxin (for the aches and fever) and for Musinex D.

I have since learned that the swab tests for influenza a and influenza b. If you test positive for influenza a, you have the swine flu. If you test positive for influenza b, you have the flu. The nurse called with results this past Saturday, and she did indeed test positive for influenza a.

So how was it? The initial aches and fever made her feel pretty bad. This child has never had any flu before. After the Motrin kicked in the first night, she actually didn't feel quite as bad. All in all, it was much less symptomatic and shorter lived than the flu. It hit her like a ton of bricks on Saturday and she was feeling pretty good by Tuesday, and had been fever free for a day and a half.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thank you, God, for the Special People in our Lives!

Friday evening, I received a call that someone very dear to me was in the hospital and not doing well, and was not expected to make it through the night. We went to the hopsital and sat with the family. She was my next door neighbor for my first seven years and the "other mother" of my childhood. I cannot even begin to express how terribly sad I am for all of us that she has passed away. One by one, I am losing my beloved friends of that generation. My mentors. The godly women that I have known my whole life, since I was little, and who have loved me, taught me, and thought of me throughout my life. Oh, the countless memories!

Saturday afternoon, our daughter drove home to attend a party. She got picked up at 5:30 P.M. and had been gone about ten minutes when we walked out the door and drove two and a half hours to College Station to attend the Ring Dunk of a very special young man and his roommate. We literally snuck up there (to surprise him) because we wouldn't miss it for the world. The boys "dunk" their senior rings in a pitcher of beer (4 beers) and race to see who can get the ring between their teeth first.

The winner took 36 seconds and his roommate took 38 seconds. Success! Some burping but no vomiting! The actual Ring Dunk was followed by the father of this young man, his uncle and his brother-in-law (to be) "dunking" their rings, but in only two beers each. The two Aggie dads creamed the Sooner! So, like father like son...they were both the winners of their respective dunks. LOTS of LOUD burping! There were about one hundred people attending this Ring Dunk party and we were thrilled to be part of this great tradition! We drove home and walked in the door literally one minute after our daughter came home.
As I am going to sleep, I am reflecting upon the fact that I am now becoming that woman in my younger friends lives. They will watch me grow old. I want to make every second count. I want to create memory after memory.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Stye in My Eye

I feel like a cyclops... a one-eyed giant (in Greek mythology). I look like I lost a battle. I have a stye. In case you've never had one, a stye is basically a pimple on your eyelid caused by staph. S-t-a-p-h! Who knew that we all have staph living on our eyelids all the time? Well this nasty little pimple is now huge and purplish - red and is causing my cheek to swell. Yes, it hurts.

How do you cure a stye? A friend told me that her father was a doctor and he always told her to rub her 14 k gold ring across it. She said she did and the styes always went away. I tried it. It's still there. Someone else, who is a physician, told me to heat a sterling silver knife and hold it on the stye. (What is it with metals??) I tried it. It's still there. I read somewhere to put triple antibiotic ointment on it. I tried it. It's still there; and not only that, it seems larger than life!
I may not know how to get rid of it but I found out what caused it! I went to the door today when someone from our insurance company stopped by. I apologized for looking the way I did and explained that I had a stye. She laughed and said, "Oh, you know the old wive's tale... you must've watched a dog pee." Well, yes I have and it must have been the beagle peeing on my oriental rug that caused this horrible affliction in my eye!!
** A side note....I went to the doctor today. It is a stye and a staph infection abcess! So, that's why it hurts!! Bottom line: Don't ignore a stye (or watch a dog pee)!!
*** Update....I went to my opthamologist today and I have a chalazion. A chalazion is a bump in the eyelid caused by a blockage of a tiny oil gland. My doctor said I will have to work hard to avoid surgery. I have to use a Q-tip a rub an ointment on the eyelid at night, after a warm compress. In the morning, I have to use a scrub on the eyelid. She told me it could take as long as three months or so to go away and that if it hasn't in three months, I will need surgery. Why do I NOT want surgery? Check it out:

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ring Tum Ditty

Southern comfort food from the recipe box of a southern cook. Just the name intrigues me. I had never heard of it and when I researched it, I found many recipes call for it to be put in a baked potato instead of over a piece of toast.


1/2 bottle ale, beer or porter
3/4 - 1 lb. sharp cheese, cut up or grated
1 can tomato soup
2 beaten eggs
1 large chopped onion
Mustard, salt, cayenne, tobasco, Worcestershire - to taste

Bring the ale or beer to a boil; add cheese, stirring as it melts. At the first sign of stringiness, add the soup. Then add the onion and the beaten eggs. Now add the seasonings. (Some like it hot....some, not so.) When onions are cooked, serve over hot toast.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

What To Do When Your Husband Complains That You Don't Cook Very Often

My mother and grandmother were both fabulous, southern cooks. Either one of them could've been the Paula Deen of their day. Unfortunately, I did not inherit their talent. I was moving things around in my pantry this evening and accidentally knocked my grandmother's recipe box on the ground. The recipe cards scattered everywhere. I began picking them up, one by one, to place back in the box. Two of them happened to catch my eye. Are you ready? Brussell Sprout, Tongue and Cheese Sauce Casserole and Prune Whip. I can assure you I have tasted neither and I'm not exactly sure why she took the time to even copy them onto recipe cards. I am so fascinated that someone would actually make either of these recipes, much less serve them to guests, that I am sharing them with you, as written. It dawned on me that if my husband ever complains again about my lack of cooking, I do believe I will whip both of these up and serve them at the same meal. I assure you he will NEVER complain again!! (If you ever make one of them, please let me know what you think!)

2 packages frozen brussell sprouts
3 Tbsp. flour
3 Tbsp. butter
1 1/2 cups milk
1 cup grated sharp cheese
1 cup diced, cooked tongue
Dry mustard for cheese sauce

Cook the brussell sprouts until barely tender. Drain. Sprinkle over the tongue, already in a shallow casserole dish. Make white sauce. (I am assuming that you use the flour, butter and milk to make the white sauce.) Put in grated cheese. Pour over tongue and brussell sprout mixture. Bake at 350 degrees until bubbly hot, about 20 minutes. (I might wait and tell him what's in it AFTER he eats it!)

4 egg whites
1/4 tsp. salt
1/3 tsp. cream of tartar
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup cooked, pitted prunes
1 Tbsp. prune juice
1 Tbsp. lemon juice
1 tsp. lemon rind, grated
1/2 cup chopped walnuts or pecans

Place egg whites, salt and cream of tartar in large bowl and beat for 2 minutes, or until the eggs are very foamy. Continue beating and add 1 tablespoon of sugar at a time; beat for 4 minutes ot until egg whites are stiff and glossy. Place the prunes in a small bowl and mix for 2 - 3 minutes until prunes are well-mashed. Add fruit juices, rind and nuts; mix for 1 minute. Add the prune mixture slowly into the egg whites, and mix for 1 minute. Pour into a lightly buttered 1 qt. casserole. Place in pan of hot water and bake for 45 minutes. Serve with whipped cream. (Like THAT will help!)

Saturday, August 29, 2009


The past ten days have been a major rollercoaster ride of emotion. It was as though I climbed on rollercoaster, closed my eyes, threw my hands up in the air, and waited, each day, to see where I was on this ride....the top or the bottom.

Climbing to the top. A very special young man in our lives has been so excited about heading off to college. Many of his closest friends from high school will be there with him, even living in the same dorm. This summer has been spent preparing for this moment.

Zooming to the bottom. The Friday night before he left, I lost it. Totally fell apart. This bright spot in my life was leaving. There would be a void. No back to scratch during church. No one to turn around in the communion line and ask if I would hold out my hand (so he could put his gum in it).

Back to the top. We went to say goodbye Saturday morning and his parents asked if I wanted to come to help move him in. To my house in back in five minutes with my bags packed! His room is great. His roommate is a close friend. We saw so many guys and girls he knew. Knowing how happy he was made the leaving a little easier.

Easing to the middle. The ride home was very quiet with a few tears. I tried not to babble my head off like I usually do when I'm uncomfortable with silence. I was eagerly anticipating the next day when several of us would take his mom to lunch to keep her busy.

Down again. Monday morning I checked on a good friend who has pneuomonia only to find out that another good friend's father had passed away the night before.

Up. We attended the sports kick-off at our godson's school. We are so proud of him and determined to be there for him since it was his brother that just went to college, and he is now the only one at home out of four children. I have to say I love the back-to-school excitement and energy.

Swoosh to the bottom again. Girls Rush. So exciting and so devastating all in one. Why can't everyone just pledge what they want to? (It ended up being great for everyone we were pulling for but I didn't know it at the time on Tuesday.) My daughter's sorority really let her down and she called me off and on all week, in tears, mad and hurt. It's so hard going through Rush but it's even harder sometimes on the other side.

Zip to the top again. Thursday, we found out that another very special young man in our lives (the older brother of the one who went to college) got in a local social organization that is terribly difficult to get into. Whew! Finally, a very bright spot in the week.

Cruising at the top. We found out the sorority rush results. Everyone seems to have found a place that is just right for them. Personally, I am SO glad that's over.

Oh gosh, what was I thinking? Now, we have Boy's Rush!

This week's ride? I'm hoping for something simple like a merry-go-round. Level, peaceful and leaving a happy tickle in your tummy!

I hope you'll leave me a comment and share your experiences! Blessings!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The BEST Gift for a College Bound Student

It's that time of year again. School. It brings a smile to the face of many a parent, and a tear to those getting ready to send their child off to college. There are so many changes, challenges, and concerns to face when leaving home, with one of the biggest being, how can I do my business without being embarrassed? Whether your child will be using a community bathroom down the hall or sharing one with a roommate, you need to LOOK NO FURTHER!

Here's the perfect gift to send with your college bound child. It's called Poo-Pourri. OK, the name of this product may have you laughing, but try it before you mock it. Poo-Pourri is a liquid spray about four times directly onto the surface of the water in your toilet bowl. The oil formula creates a film on the surface of the water, trapping any embarrassing odors. Once the business is done, flushing releases the odor-neutralizing scent into the air, leaving the bathroom nice and fresh. The motto says: "Spritz the bowl before you go, and no one else will ever know!"

Poo-Pourri comes in several scents: Original, No. 2, Heavenscent, and Royal Flush. Read below to learn a little bit about each sent.....

Spritz the Bowl Before you Go and No One Else Will Ever Know. This blend of 9 Natural Essential Oils such as Bergamot, Lemongrass and Grapefruit creates a protective film on the surface of the water; effectively eliminating any odor before it even begins!

"No. 2":
Spray the Loo Before No. 2 and No One Will Ever Have a Clue! A sweet bouquet of Mandarin, Bergamot and Orange enhanced by hints of Peach and Berries!

Celestial Freshness that's Fit for Kings - With Every Flush an Angel Gets It's Wings! A divine blend of White Jasmine florals and Natural Essential Oils. ~ You Can Truly "Expect Miracles" in your Bathroom!

"Royal Flush":
Great Washroom Scents for all Distinguished Gents! The fresh essence of eucalyptus works in synergy with spearmint.

Call Memory Lane to order: (210) 828-4800

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Men in the Grocery Store

I just told someone yesterday that I have a love/hate relationship with going to the grocery store with my husband. He's like a kid in a candy store and I have to say that I love that part; it's really cute. The hate part comes in when I get frustrated with how slow he's moving (because he's checking out all the things he wants to get) and I leave him with the cart and my purse. I zip around to about seven aisles while he is cruising around the deli. The problem is, my hands are overloaded and I wander back to where I left him. Well, OF COURSE, he has moved on. He's nowhere to be found and he has my cell phone. Every single time, I walk the full length of the store (usually twice) before finding him. I DUMP all of my items in the cart and then it totally irritates me when he rearranges the cart. I mean, seriously, who cares? There are no cart police. WE are going to put the items on a conveyor belt when we check out, anyway.

Check out what comedian, Jeanne Robertson says in "Don't Send Your Husband to the Grocery Store":

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

At Least It's Not Runny!

I HAD to share this! Look closely at the mango salad I was asked to make for today's birthday celebration. We decided that one end was for those on a diet and everyone else could eat off the other end.
Two of my friends at lunch today were at our Supper Club, about 16 years ago, when I was asked to make a cranberry congealed salad that never congealed. When I discovered it, it was too late to do anything about it. I took it to the hosts' house and as a joke, replaced the salad plates with bowls and placed a straw at each place setting. They have never forgotten that. When I displayed my mango salad today, they both started laughing. I seriously don't think I've been asked to make a congealed salad since that night and look at how this one turned out. (Today's hostess quickly tried to help by adding a dollop of mayonnaise and a raspberry on each slice.)
The mango salad DID taste good, though, so for the recipe, please go to my other blog: